Meet the band…

MONSTERWORKS began from seeds sown by a trio brought together with a mutual and equal respect for Cannibal Corpse and Queen. Originally based in Wellington, New Zealand; Jon and Ian from the kiwi line-up re-engineered the band in London, UK with Englishmen Hugo and James.

Following the departure of Ian to domestic oblivion after the release of the metal space adventure concept album SINGULARITY in 2009, lead guitar duties were assigned to Marcus, continuing in the same tradition of no-nonsense metal that borrows from a range of influences.

MONSTERWORKS is a band that has, possibly to its own detriment, never followed trends or towed the line; preferring to make its own path in the continually evolving world of heavy metal. In this respect it has always stayed true to its mission statement: IMAGE IS NOTHING; METAL IS EVERYTHING.