Thūn (or Thun for the sake of web optimisation) began as an outlet for new music created during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020/21. Jon had an enormous backlog of material that was not going to make it onto either a Monsterworks or Bull Elephant album anytime soon. So the only solution was to find new ways to remotely record and produce the music.

The first man on board was James Knoerl on drums. Being a professional session drummer, he had the gear set up and ready to go.

Next up was Hugo (from Monsterworks) on bass. In the end, of course, it was blindingly obvious to keep at least some of Thūn in the Monsterworks family where it should have been all along. Hugo has played on every song written by Jon since 2003, so why break that cycle?! Besides, he is a finger player and had a new bass (made by our buddy Neil) to try out.

Finally…who to play lead?

About ten years ago Jon met Karl Sanders for a guitar lesson before a Nile gig in London. Since Karl’s name popped up after a bit of research looking for session players, he seemed like a logical choice given the earlier, albeit tenuous, connection. Karl liked the material and particularly appreciated the doominess, being a little different to his usual projects.

Thematically, Thūn is designed to be “Bull Elephant adjacent.” In other words, it draws from the same loosely Lovecraftian mythology. The difference is that, rather than set in and around World War II, with Nazis as the antagonists, Thūn takes place in modern day or near future. The antagonists are every corporation or person that puts profit before preservation of the natural world. With tentacles.

Thūn is concept based with at least four albums planned. How do we know that? Because the drums have already been laid down for the second thru fourth albums.

Thūn – Debut album as hardback artbook


17 May 2021: press release imminent. Looks like release date will be 16 June 2021. Artbooks arrived.

11 February 2021: pre-mixed tracks have gone off to Damian Herring (Horrendous) for mastering.

19 January 2021: James has finished tracking drums for a second Thūn album. But, hell’s teeth, we better get on with finishing and releasing the first one before taking no. 2 too much further.



What does the name “Thūn” mean?

Good question. We wanted something short and sweet; kind of the equivalent of pointing a finger accusingly “Thūn!” At first Jon thought he invented the name, including putting whatever that little line is called over the “u” but a quick google search showed that it is also the name of a mythical centaur-like creature from Raymond E. Fiest’s Riftwar Saga. “Magician” was Jon’s favourite book in high school…so that was some coincidence and probably the name had been floating in the back of his head since then.

There may have also been a subconscious connection/tribute to Greta Thunberg, that little girl from Sweden whose mind is controlled by the great global climate conspiracy.

Jon’s views may not be shared by the rest of the Thūn band. He never asked.

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