Monsterworks – Voyager (Universe); Based on footage from various documentaries about the Voyager mission.

Monsterworks – Earth (Earth); Based on NASA footage often sourced via the short film “Overview” by The Planetary Collective

Monsterworks – Late Heavy Bombardment (Earth); Footage from “Wonders of Life” BBC 2013

Monsterworks – Free Will (Album of Man); Camera: Johnny;  Editor: Blade; Effects: Aidan

Monsterworks – God (The God Album); Director: Blade

Monsterworks – Let It Go (The God Album); Director: Blade

Monsterworks – Who Am I? (The Precautionary Principle); Director: Aidan Wood

Monsterworks – Blokk (Delusions of Grandeur); Director: Blade

Monsterworks – Supernaut Live (Black Sabbath cover); Director: Blade