Rogue (2002)

Nathan, of Wellington technical death metallers Falciform, joined the ranks as a replacement guitarist, enabling a quick turnaround for the next album – Rogue. It was recorded in two halves: sessions being at both The Stomach and C. Moore Sounds.  Ironically completed only in January 2002, just two months prior to Jon fleeing the country, as Ian before him, in search of London.  The last gig in New Zealand was 10 March 2002.

The subject matter of the album is wide ranging; from “In the New Age” written at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York; to “Tomb Spader”, an ode to Lara Croft; to “Small Gods” inspired by the Terry Pratchett book of the same name.  The lyrics for “Ascension” were written by Jon on a hiking trip with Ryan and ventured that it could be the Monsterworks swansong….but as it turned out it was just the end of a chapter as the band re-located and re-started on the other side of the world.

Last Monsterworks Gig in New Zealand

Ryan, Jono, Nathan, Jared: Papa Jacks, Auckland circa 2001