Overhaul (2014)


After having tackled subject matter about the formation/evolution of the Earth and Universe respectively the next chapter in the book of Monsterworks was to be a bit more people-oriented and consider societal change; more specifically the change that is needed in order for humanity to survive.  The “Overhaul” of the title refers to a fundamental re-thinking of the structure of civilisation itself in order to be sustainable.

This is not a hippy bullshit idea; it is simple logic.  The current economic framework is based on infinite “growth” which is pervasive throughout western political rhetoric.  However, indefinite growth is not possible in a finite world with finite resources; moreover it does not actually make people happy (although an increased standard of living and safety is a reasonable aspiration for anybody).

The problem of climate change, which results in more volatility in the environment, has proven difficult to solve because no one wants to believe it is happening and face the consequences.  Modern society feeds off energy mostly created by unsustainable practices and to move away from that model is, apparently, unthinkable.

A metal album can’t really solve the world’s troubles so we have to be resigned to identifying them and hoping, one by one, we wake up to the reality around us before it is too late.  In fact, the album narrative assumes that we will overcome our problems and picks up on themes first mentioned in the preceding Universe album. In this positive scenario we restructure and survive in order to ascend to the next evolutionary level.  This concept is impossible to even imagine so it is left to the listener’s imagination in the closing track: Resolution.


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