M-Theory (2004)


During a pub crawl sometime in early 2003, Jon and Ian decided to revive Monsterworks in London, UK. Luckily Jon already had new material ready to go and had joined a local band, Blimp, from which they could poach Hugo as a bass player. Hugo’s mate Chris Mills from then Leeds based Conquest of Steel stepped in on drums. M-Theory was recorded in two separate sessions at Bona Fide Studios, East London later in 2003 with Phil Potz.

The album was somewhat self-released to very positive press.  It was a fresh approach from the band and was considered, while the subject matter is diverse, a very cohesive effort.  String arrangements on the track “For Glory” were supplied by Jason Muxlow, Jon’s bandmate in The Living Fields.

The Standard, Walthamstow: Circa 2003

Memories from 2003-2005