Earth (2013)


Recorded and mixed mid-2011 at Earth Terminal Studios, ‘Earth’ is an album themed around the lifecycle of our home planet; beginning with its origin “From Dust and Gravity” where a clumping together of rock and minerals left over from a supernova explosion formed a globe orbiting an infant star. Each track progresses chronologically, from an early period called the “Late Heavy Bombardment” which is thought to have delivered water and seeded chemcial elements that developed into life and what was to be our “Last Universal Ancestor”. Then we move onto a time where cyanobacteria started to photosynthesize and a process of “Oxygenation” paved the way for more complex animals to evolve, “Powered by Fate” as it were. Explosions of life, even when resulting in huge animals like dinosaurs, were often “Bookended by Extinction” events that wiped the slate almost entirely clean until our chance came in the present “Aeon of Man”.

Take from it philosophically what you will, Monsterworks primarily aims to produce metal which blurs the boundaries between preposterousness and the familiar while hopefully initiating a little independent thought along the way.

The full lyrics, with some background explanations, can be downloaded HERE.