Dimensional Urgency (2001)


With news that Ian was about to move to London in mid-2001, the band set about recording a new album, again at C. Moore Sound in Wellington. The rush to get it finished contributes to its dubious sound quality (again, utilising triggered drums), and it contains a more progressive edge to the prior works.

Lyrically there is no central theme, ranging from the sublime: Blast Furnace with no discernible topic; to the ridiculous: In Space (No One Can Hear You Mosh) – obviously ripped off the tagline to Alien.  Perhaps this was just a precursor to the metal space adventure concept albums that were to come.

Chunuk Bair has the most serious tone.  It is mostly intrumental and inpired by a hill in the Gallipoli peninsula fought over by New Zealand/British and Turkish troops in 1915.