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Read 'That Old Chestnut…. Views on Modern Entertainment Distribution'

That Old Chestnut…. Views on Modern Entertainment Distribution

Musings on illegal downloading and, to a lesser degree, streaming services.

29 Oct 2015
General Philosophy
Read 'UK General Election 2015'

UK General Election 2015

We have an election coming up in the UK and these are my thoughts on it.

1 May 2015
General Philosophy
Read 'Interstellar : An Observation of the Film'

Interstellar : An Observation of the Film

The film “Interstellar” has a few parallels to Monsterworks’ philosophy and our albums…so this post explores some of those ideas…

7 Apr 2015
Read 'Metalosophy'


Am I metal? An exploration of what makes a metalhead – with no conclusions whatsoever.

21 Oct 2014
General Philosophy
Read 'Old Time Religion'

Old Time Religion

If you had a choice (which you do) what kind of god would you choose to have?

9 Aug 2012
General Philosophy
Read 'The Last Question'

The Last Question

It is generally accepted that the Universe will progress toward a state of maximum entropy as energy is used up. This post discusses possible consequences of that, inspired by the short story “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov.

23 Mar 2012
General Philosophy