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Read 'UK General Election 2015'

UK General Election 2015

We have an election coming up in the UK and these are my thoughts on it.

1 May 2015
General Philosophy
Read 'Interstellar : An Observation of the Film'

Interstellar : An Observation of the Film

The film “Interstellar” has a few parallels to Monsterworks’ philosophy and our albums…so this post explores some of those ideas…

7 Apr 2015
Read 'Metalosophy'


Am I metal? An exploration of what makes a metalhead – with no conclusions whatsoever.

21 Oct 2014
General Philosophy
Read 'Metallized Interview'

Metallized Interview

Interview from September 2014 with Italian webzine: Metallized. This is the original text which was translated into Italian.

17 Sep 2014
Music - Heavy Metal
Read 'The Audiophiliac'

The Audiophiliac

I feel the urge, the growing need, to buy that sinful vinyl….but do I really need it?

15 Jan 2014
Music - General
Read 'Fear of a Dystopian Future'

Fear of a Dystopian Future

A “dystopia” is a community or society that is undesirable or frightening. It is a common theme in science fiction but has become a lazy plot device, done to death.

12 Dec 2013