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People need to start thinking about the god they want to have, not the one they are told, by those they trust, they must accept.  This is an interesting thought experiment everyone should be open to, even if you firmly do not believe in a god or gods.

I assume (maybe I am naïve) that people would prefer a loving parental figure without the hell and damnation taught to children in many religions, because a good parent loves their children unconditionally (I once read, “…but you do not have to like them!”).  Under no circumstance would a good parent allow their child to suffer or be tormented.  Sometimes there have to be rules set by a parent, certainly; but no loving parent ever has the ultimate penalty of total excommunication with no hope of redemption.

As I wrote the above it occurred to me that it is not uncommon for parents (always religious in some way) to excommunicate homosexual children.  However, presumably even those parents would accept their children back if they change.  Whereas there is no redemption from Hell.

This is why I reject the god of my Christian upbringing.  Maybe I just misunderstood something, but then that is my parents’ and preacher’s fault for not getting the point across in a logical way.

The God and Hell aspect of religion is always a difficult one for those religiously inclined to reconcile.  A modern Christian apparently does not see it as God condemning/sending you to Hell for your sins, but it is a path taken as a result of actions in mortal life that you choose for yourself.  Yet no sensible person would choose eternity in torment; God knows this (He knows everything) and, being all powerful and capable of anything, can put a stop to it.  The act of allowing someone to choose Hell is not the act of a loving parent.

My daughter is two and a half and I do, in fact, know better than her in respect of most things at the moment.  It will not always be that way because I am fallible, but God is not….so He always knows Hell is not the place you want to be.  Unless you are insane in which case your decisions are not reliable or correct, anyway.





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  1. kevin says:

    I get what your saying on religion on your web page,but imagine say like walking dead series spent time keeping zombies out,if you were god would you let in zombies to your home?well I’m sure god won`t let unredeemed (sinners )into his home (heaven)so he gives them a chance to get changed fit for heaven.only as we can`t really pay for all the stuff (sin) we do we need a person to fight our corner and pay for sin (hence JESUS)
    if we want to get into a pure sinless heaven that’s the only option,we choose and have this life to decide before the alternative( your spirit is eternal) going to hell. not a punishment but the result of a choice you made here in this life!
    I like many have spent a lifetime of rebelling against the (what I thought) normal and thank god I realized I was not fit to get into gods home should I die tomorrow,as jesus loved me enough to die and clean me up.
    it is not really religion (religion trys to please god) I’m not trying to work my way to heaven that’s impossible and where would be the decideing line between good enough and not good enough? ( we all think we are good!)ask anybody?
    well this is a long letter but felt the need to open up your discussion (letter)with a Christians proper view on philosophy.
    I’m not preaching just giving our side of the story,something to think about…………..rock on —- kevin

    1. jono says:

      Thanks Kevin. Always good to hear differing points of view!

      The theme of my post was mainly to explore the concept of God as a father figure, as “he” is often referred to throughout scripture. In my opinion god is a failure as a parent, at least insofar as a parent should exist to love their children, always want the best for them and do almost anything to achieve that. That is the reasoning behind the statement: “The act of allowing someone to choose Hell is not the act of a loving parent.”

      Furthermore, and most critical to me, a good parent will be proud to be superseded by their children. In the Christian tradition God exists to be worshipped, exalted and certainly not superseded.

      Throughout the recent Monsterworks albums an idea is woven about God being the logical conclusion of intelligence evolving to ever higher states of being. Then, once the final iteration is reached and the intelligence commands all space and time, the only challenge left is to face oblivion (i.e. death) and pave the way for a new sentient life to evolve in a renewed Universe.

      It’s just an idea that intrigues me.


  2. kevin says:

    mmmm I like your thinking on last few lines about albums ideas,i guess my conceptof god is not of a being of intelligence evolved as what lesser thing did it evolve from? but something beyond that- a creator of a huge universe and galaxys which we can`t get our heads around the understanding of whats beyond that created universe and if space has an edge/ end if so whats beyond it?
    I think maybe your view of god(father) could be a bit small and limited by ( as me) human understanding of something wanting to be worshipped, which was also willing (out of love) to die on a cross as a human form? gets even trickier when we see god as a trinity 3parts all one god ! it can be a mind f*Ck. but hey we have a limit on understanding (maybe on purpose) anyway that’s food for thought.. I’m glad at least your thoughts are without the usual hate filled stuff Christians get back from some less inteligent metalheads. I absolutely LOVE heavy deep thought out ROCK MUSIC and keep an open mind on all things of science, philosophic,etc etc…… keep it ROCK…kevin

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