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9 June 2012. Filed under category Music - General, Music - Heavy Metal.

The recording equipment we use in the studio is old school, analog 2-inch tape.  That gives 24 tracks for drums and most instruments, then it is dumped onto the computer for vocals and any extra guitars; also for mixing.  We tend to carry over this “old-school” approach mixed with some technology to our personal equipment.

On the guitar side…..

For the main tracking, this time round (Monsterworks: Universe) I used my old Gibson SG Special, used to play the first ever Monsterworks gig, but had been neglected in recent years as new guitars came into my life.  The SG is now loaded with some sweet BareKnuckles Aftermath pickups which make it sound incredible.  This guitar was used for EVERY one of my parts on this album, whereas previously I used a couple of guitars, normally relying on a BC Rich Warlock (with EMGs) for most tracking, just because it plays well and is quite comfortable to sit and play (the spikes fit over one knee nicely, ironically).

My amp is a Diezel Herbert 180 Watt monster, through a MESA rectifier cab.  I cannot imagine having another amp now, as it does everything.  Loud and louder.  I have a few pedals that were used: an MXR Carbon Copy delay, Red Witch Medusa (chorus/tremolo) and an Ibanez Weeping Demon wah.  All used sparingly.

….for extra lead guitar bits that tend to be recorded at home in the weeks following a recording, we use a Line 6 X3 Live amp modeller.  It was the top of their range, although has now been replaced by an “HD” version, but that has less amp models…and no Diezel (Deity) setting. Which is gay.

Marcus uses a Dean ML in honour of Dimebag, which is the only guitar he will play.  The lead guitar amp is a Marshall 9200 stereo 2×100 Watt rack,  plugging a variety of pedals straight into it.  The distortion is an Electroharmonix Big Muff and there is frequent use of a Memory Man delay pedal.  I also used Marcus’ Dimebag signature Cry Baby wah.

At some stage I will update this with James and Hugo’s gear, although I remember that the main kit used is the studio’s Sonor….





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